A blank slate

Here is the house that we purchased.


I swore that I would never own a house without character….and what do I buy?  A split entry house from the 70’s.  I drove past this house without my mister and decided that we should go to the open house that weekend.  The house is outside city limits, had a giant fenced in side yard (perfect for our mongrels), and best of all….is blue.

Fireplace and dining room

Living/Dining room with gas fireplace

Kitchen 1

Kitchen shot…isn’t that wallpaper border just awesome??

Family Room

This photo shows the family room downstairs.  There is a matching spare bedroom.  Unlike the upstairs the paint and carpet had not been replaced.  Can you say scary????  I wish the faux finish could be accurately reflected in these….its a lavender and mauve combo.

When I first drove by this house I was skeptical, but it was empty at the time and we needed a house fast….more on that later.  I talked my mister into going to the open house that weekend and he was won over by the large side yard, new paint, stove and hot tub.  Did I forget to mention there is a hot tub….yeah….there is and we love it.

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