Evolution of a Kitchen – Part 1

The wallpaper turned me off immediately, but the stove drew me in and made me want to own the house.  Is it OK, to let a stove decide a house purchase?interiorkitchen1

After painting the walls red, painting the cupboards and moving them closer to the ceiling…..it hit me.  I need to do more in this kitchen to make it what I want…..cause odds are I am going to be living in this house for a good long while….and I should really like the kitchen.  I painted the kitchen red right off the bat.  After living with it for awhile, I painted the cabinets…lived with that for awhile and then moved some of the cabinets to the ceiling.


In Progress Picture above.  It was not as hard as I thought it would be.


I added in a row of Ikea kitchen shelving under the cabinets after I moved them up, just to get that extra little bit of stuff off of the counters.  Pretty happy with the results of the location of the upper cabinets….but now the colors of the kitchen seem a touch off.  Hello bright blue counters!?


UG!!!!  The choices!  The multiple paint options that are all amazing….the countertop choices!  What to do?  Lets skip all of that and paint the cabinets white and black…that will save me some agonizing.


Here I am going back and forth on where to put the hardware…..you can also see that I am putting random splashes of paint everywhere in an attempt to pick one.  Take a wild guess on which location I picked…….

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