Super awesome railing

So a super fantabulous welder friend of ours, made us a railing.  I had this picture of a railing in my head and he made it happen!  I cannot even describe how happy I am with the results. (Thank you, Beartooth Ironworks)…click the link…..CLICK IT!!!


Check out those straight lines….and those wires.  Whew!  LOVE IT.  If you don’t remember what was here before…let me refresh your memory.

sorry for the quality (pic from when we moved in)


I knew that I wanted something different and non-traditional.  I had many, many ideas floating around in my head.  I settled in on the wire at the last minute and am so pleased with the results.  It suits us to a T.  What do you think?  In case you are on the fence….here is another sexy close up.


What do you think?

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