Evolution of a Kitchen – Part 2

So….back in the kitchen…..there was a terrible blue laminiate overlay on the original orange counter top.  So after much deliberation I decided to go with another laminate from Lowe’s.  It went perfectly with the colors I painted the cabinets.


HAHAHAHA!!  You can see evidence of my wall color paint experiments all over!  And the beer that I cracked as soon as the counter top was secured.   Anywhoo…After the countertop was in, mister started working on getting the sink in.  It is a Swanstone single bowl sink.  And the faucet…swoon.  I really had an inner debate as to what to use for the backsplash.  Every house magazine or fancy home tour I went on, I kept seeing these super fancy glass tiles.  I love them, but they are not for us…at least not in the kitchen (I am thinking bathroom).  I settled on bead board…and right as we were measuring to put up….we made a last-minute change to put the boards up horizontally………


I still have quite a few finishing touches to do around the kitchen (and I will be sure to share)…but it feels so good to have the big projects out-of-the-way.  Wait!!  Did I just say that?  Well…jinxed myself.  Cause the more I look at the flooring the more I think it should be more of an industrial looking fifties style Armstrong vinyl tile…do you know what I am talking about?

And I will now leave you with another pic of the kitchen….sigh.


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