Kitchen window and the curtain

So our old kitchen window is 70’s original…decent enough, but hard to open and close.  So when we started re-doing the kitchen, mister took in the measurements and ordered us a new window.  Whole ordeal later….had to be special ordered as the window dimensions are not standard, came in 3/4 too big all the way around, can’t do anything about it cause the window came home with us AND THEN we found out.  So after a lot of work to the frame…the new window is in.

OLD Window:


NEW Window:


The casing around the new window is so much smaller than the old one, that it makes the opening seem GIGANTIC.  And with the new GIGANTIC window….I needed an updated curtain.  There was nothing wrong with the old one, I just wanted some color to go along with the rag rug under the sink and the red and bluish crap I’ve got all over.  Grab the glue gun…we’re gonna have some fun.


No judging on my safety techniques!


And presto!!!  Kinda, sorta new curtain.


Extreme Close Up!


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