flooring project…done??

So…not that long ago, mister and I tore out the carpet in the girls room.  Cause it was NAAAASSSTTYYYY.   I have a little bit of an update on the flooring.


Progress picture as we made our way across the room.  This was probably the fastest room install that we have done to date.


After we finished the flooring, we updated the trim to match what we are changing all over the house.  The new trim is very classic…..straight lines everywhere and 4 inches tall.  I still have quite a few paint touches up to do….and a new window to put into the room, but on the whole I am pleased with the result.


Next steps are to clean up the closet, cause we are not putting the doors back on.  Captain and First Officer of Destruction can wait until they are older to get closet doors again.  Please see the pic below and notice that there are some drawer pulls missing……when asked what happened Captain Destruction (otherwise known as Jules) stated that they fell off as she tried to scale the dresser to get to the top shelf of the closet.


Looking around their room….I see a lot of styling left to do…..but that is for another day.


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