Ghetto backyard

I hate to show this….but I am going to anyway.  It’s the painful truth that anyone can see just by driving by my house……’s the ghetto-ness.  It’s not just the backyard!  I might have been able to hide that….but my backyard is super shallow so all of the ghetto has spilled over into the giant side yard that has no grass.  OK….here it is.


It hurts just to show it.  The two dog houses, the fence that has blown down (the wind out here sucks), the tumbleweeds, my neighbors shed, my kitchen rug hanging out for all to see…the list goes on and on…..and this is only one shot.  OK.  Snap out of it.  I gotta get a plan.  I need some motivation.  I need some moolah.


Further down in the side yard are two raised gardens….these will be removed/moved at some point to make room for a shop.  Below is a picture from just now.  I have been busy gettin’ my green on.  Makes it looks a little less ghetto, no?   Motivation?  I think so!


Plans:  This part of the deck is going to go bye-bye and in it’s place is going to be a paver or concrete patio with an outdoor built in BBQ and a built in lounger and, and, and……  I can’t wait!!!  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could ‘poof’ it all into this…….(pic is courtesy of

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