Front Entry…Plus Giant Wall

So the front entry is typical split entry crappy-awesome-crap.  Did you follow that?  I love the view that I have to the front door.  Down the stairs (that awesome railing) and through the front door (that has a window).  DSCN0751

There used to be a crappy fan….directly from the 70’s but not amazing 70’s….the bad 70’s.  We replaced it with a super sleek looking fan, but it didn’t last very long before it bit the dust.  Sooooooo…..the above (and below) light fixture is the replacement.  LOVE IT!!!


The best part about it, is the fact that the light shines above and below.  Now this type of 70’s light fixture I can get excited about!!

On another note entirely…..but not so much…. is Giant Wall.  Giant Wall is apart of the front entry and 1 1/2 floors tall.  I love it and hate it.  This is what it looks like at the moment:


I have an antique mirror above the door, but not centered above the door.  How dare those studs not be exactly where I want them to be! (see first picture in this post)  Then there is the New Hampshire State motto…am I from NH, No.  Do I live in NH, No.  Is it still a good motto, Yes.  Now, I bought this saying from a home party as a custom request and I still really like it, but it needs some slight styling to make it fit the space.  I am thinking of pulling the letters off and putting it on Giant Canvas.  Hopefully, this will make the whole space work.  I’ll keep you updated  🙂

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