Art around the house….

One of the things that I try to pay attention to, is the art that I make or bring into the house.  In my early years of decorating my apartments and first house….I used a lot of commercial stuff.  Some of it I still have, some of it I have kicked to the curb in an effort to expand past my ‘norms’.  In my first apartment my bedroom was filled with all things angels, then I moved into pics of anything tropical, then it was all random stuff.  I have culled the stockpile and pulled out all of my favorites and those are what what made it on my walls in this house.  I have added my own pieces as time has gone by.  I have this complusion to paint, sometimes painting is all I want to do….other times looking at my own stuff iritates the everliving crap out of me.  Here before you….I have a few examples of my own work as well as some work that has struck a cord with me and I have brought home with me…..


This is one of the first paintings that I ever did.  I love, love this one.  I have it positioned front and center over the fireplace.


The below pictures are two dancer pictures that I did for the girls room….


Jules has been in dance for the past two years, so when I started taking down the baby decor…I added in the dancers.


This window came out of misters farmhouse, where he lived as a child.  If I remember the story correctly, there were two of them and 2 of the three brothers (misters dad and brother) got a window.  It was originally in a window frame but before we brought it to our house a friends father from misters hometown made the wooden frame it sits in today to ensure that it is properly framed out and supported.DSCN0796

A stained glass specialist, also in misters hometown, went through and cleaned up the glass and inspected the welds and the crack in one piece of glass (see below).  All is good and makes a great addition to our home.


The picture below shows my absolute favorite art piece in the house.  I love all things maps….not sure why.  I have a stack of them in my spare room that are destined to become something artsy-fartsy in the future……anywhoooo…back to the awesomeness.  I saw this piece at an estate sale with my mom.  It was love at first sight….until I saw the price.  ECK.  I debated and debated over it…..and then my ever so smart mom suggested putting in an offer on it.  If it did not sell by the end of the estate sale, then all offers are reviewed.  I offered, they called, I picked up and we lived happily ever after.


Extreme close-up of the crazy cool metal work!!


On a final note, my next post is going to be an art update on Giant Canvas.  I did something I am on the fence about…….

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