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So with the updated placement of Giant Lamp….I get to show off Bar Cart.  Well, Rolly Cart…..but she wants to be a Bar Cart.  The corner with Giant Lamp and Bar Cart was super crowded so I moved around some furniture and got Bar Cart out in the open.


Isn’t she great and oh so lovely?  Let’s get a close up…


She is so pretty and deserves to be out where everyone can see her.  The big question is…Where?  I am thinking the corner with the current bar cart is sitting.


Booooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggg.  Did you get that?  This corner is so uninspiring.  It’s needs a Bar Cart upgrade.  Do you think Rolly Cart would like this corner?  Let’s see……


Still kind of light on substance…….but you can really see Rolly Cart!  Which I love.  Now I am going to throw a whole bunch of ideas out there and hope that one sticks.

What about a set of shelves above Rolly Cart?


Shelving is from Ikea, Ekby Jarpen and Ekby Bjarnum

OR… is a good inspiration shot from

 Eclectic Dining Room by Bala Cynwyd Design-build Firms Design Manifest
PS…..I have a painting very similar to this.  Could work.
I also have an antique gold leaf mirror that I could put above Rolly Cart.  Lot’s of choices…..any favorites?

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