Blah Blah Blah Bathroom

So I’ve got this bathroom that needs some lovin’, some nice good lovin’.   It is pretty basic and uninspiring.  This bathroom is in need of a re-do.  I can attribute this need to Captain and First Officer of Destruction.   Here is a quick peak of the bathroom…….


Lights off at the moment.  The toilet and bathtub are cream colored.  When we start working on the room and acquiring the items to install…..I am going to go for a crisp, bright white.


Lights On!!  No natural light, but decent size.  Here are a few inspiration shots of what I want to put in the room…..

Getting a window in my bathroom is going to be pretty much impossible, but I love the wood in this room.  I think it would even look good with the Armstrong tile that I want to put in the kitchen/dining room and BATHROOM(S)!!!!
Here is a better shot of the mirror, tile above the sinks and mirror shot of the tile work in the shower.  I love this look and am brainstorming my way through a plan to get this type of look in my own home.

4 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blah Bathroom

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