New Girls’ Room Curtains

The curtains in the girls room were yucky.  Yup….yucky.  Who knew girls could be so gross and destructive  🙂


Here they are pretending to be Vanna’s.  The sheers are amazing…see below…..but as I said….they are sheers.


The curtain rod that I purchased to put up the sheers are cute.  I have a bunch of seeded glass accessories around the house, so these seemed like a good fit.


As I said previously….they are sheers…and I have two young girls….and the window faces North.  So I purchased a bamboo roman shade to put up.  It matches the ones that I have in my bedroom.


Wish me luck in getting it up successfully!  🙂  As a parting gift, please enjoy another picture of the girls showing off the curtains. (curtains are different lengths because I was testing which one I liked best…I picked the ones on the right)


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