Get my green on – mailbox garden style

My front garden AKA the mailbox garden AKA a super hot mess until now, was decimated by a storm and weeds and people driving over it.  Those pics are lost to the computer gods…who saw fit to take them away from me in computer crash fashion.  BUT!!  I have updated pics of the mailbox garden.


Between the two mailboxes is the dividing line of one yard to another.  While mister and I were placing the pavers, our neighbor came out and said “I wouldn’t object if that included my mailbox and front garden.”  So an awesome collaboration was born.  He and his wife wanted to add some of their garden items to the oval of greatness.


Our neighbor added in the driftwood and then a super cute metal washtub with flowers.


I added in a couple of flower/bushes that are going to fill in some of the blank spaces.


I also had mister help me turn an old barrel into 2 planters to help ‘hide’ the big ‘ole electrical box in the front mailbox garden.


Once the tall grasses and lavender fill out, it will be sooooooo much better.  As the flowers get bigger, I am sure that some slight adjustments will be made to ensure that mailbox garden is layed out in a fairly balanced manner.  🙂 To say adieu for the time being,  I am leaving you with 2 pictures of my front peony plants.  Peony flowers make me happy….I hope they make you happy.



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