Montana the Awesome-est

So I have a problem…a big problem. I use the word awesome….alot. I can’t help it!!!! I would like to say that I really thought through the naming of this post….and I did not. Awesome will appear multiple times, like a favorite guest star, over the course of my writing.

OK…..Now that therapy is over…Let’s get to it.

Montana….It’s not where I was born….but man do I love it.


So I am sharing some of the pics of the previous 3 months worth of road tripping and camping.



The above pic was taken in April, up the mountain…outside of Anaconda, MT.


This is a pic of the Crazies on the way from Billings to Bozeman.


This is outside of Red Lodge. IMG_1730

See the eagle at the top of the tree? This pic is from the Yellowstone River.


Another picture of the Yellowstone. And I leave you with an awesome pic of First Officer of Destruction practicing her casting. BAM!!!


One thought on “Montana the Awesome-est

  1. This is hard to explain to all those I meet who have never been there. It is also hard to explain when someone sees a little park and asks me, “isn’t this the best?”

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