Winner, winner, chicken fried steak dinner…..

So I am trying my hand at some intense old fashioned awesome housewife stuff.  I got home from work today and decided to turn out a great chicken fried steak dinner…with mashed potatoes….and gravy.  YUM.

So… is how I did it.  I defrosted some steaks from the freezer….used a meat tenderizer to pound out the meat (hahahaha!!)

Bowl 1                       1 egg mixed with 1 cup milk

Bowl 2                        1 cup flour with paprika, cayenne, blackening seasoning….cause its my fav

I dredged the steak in the egg, then the flour bowl, then the egg and then the four again.  I dropped the steaks into our cast iron skillet, preheated with 1/2 cup canola oil.


Here is a pic of my mess.  I just put steak into the skillet.  Blue pot has my potatoes and the back sauce pan has some corn for the side.


So messy… not healthy….so GOOD!!!  I cooked the steaks for 3 minutes on each side.  Once the crunchies were nice and brown, I pulled the steak and prepared the skillet for the gravy.   Keep the majority of the oil in the pan….put the rest in a can or one of those fancy oil catchers.  Add in like 1/3 cup or 1/2 cup of flour and whisk….whisk….and whisk some more.


Once the rue (sp???) is nice, smooth and goldie brown…add in about a cup of milk.  You can add more depending on the consistency you and the fam like.   Make sure you taste this stuff!!  I added in a bunch more blackening seasoning to make it just how we like it.


Let’s part ways for the evening with a nice close up.


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