Furniture on the Ghetto patio

Just to remind you… ghetto backyard.….is in need of love.  Since the summer is slipping away from me and the deck seems to be hanging around for longer than I would like….I went on an impromptu shopping trip to Target the other day and came across the most awesome sale.   All summer stuff 50% off!!!  Holy Crapola!  I took a gander at the patio furniture and found the following items that now live with me.


A loveseat!  Believe it or not…even with those metal armrests…the thing is comfy….ask mister.  He fell asleep on it.


Matching chairs!!  OMG.  I cannot even believe that I matching set of patio furniture.


End table and coffee table.  I feel so lucky to have found all of these pieces.  See below for a close up of the solar LED lights.


Yeah…those spots are hard water stains….thank you well water.

Anywhoo.  What an awesome find.  All of this for ~$150.  Thank you Target.  I am going to have to pay attention to the end of season sales more often.  🙂

(no…Target did not give me anything or ask me to do anything….I just love a sale and hope you do to)

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