Creme Brulee – me style

So this post is all pictures and barely a recipe.  Because I just dumped stuff in!!!!  Oh, Snap.

So I took some cream (1 quart) and some imitation vanilla (2 tsp)….yup, I am a cheater.


I heated it up on the stove……no boiling!   Once the cream is heated, turn off the heat.  In another bowl, take the like 10, 11 egg yokes and whisk in 2/3 or 3/4 c sugar.  This needs to be whisked together something fierce.  The color should be much paler than how you started out.   Add the heated cream sssllllooooowwwwwwwllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and whisk, whisk, whisk, whisk.  Once the 2 liquids are combined….get some ramekins.  Place those ramekins in a baking pan of some kind….well, the kind with a rim.  The reason you need a rim is to add some water to the pan to help with the cooking process.  Pour the eggycream into the ramekins and add water till it is half way up the ramekins.  Then there was some oven action…..325 for 40 minutes…….and then there was this………..DSCN0922

Ya-Ya…I ran out of ramekins.  Keep watch during baking so there is no browning.  Anywho….they are so good.  You can let these refrigerate for a few hours…but in my opinion they taste best if you let them go overnight.  Next day Creme Brulee is AWESOME!!!!!!  Okay….fun part.  The torching!  I bought this super sleek-looking kitchen torch….only to realize that it was total CRAP.  So mister got out the garage torch.  IMG_1737

HAHAHAHAHA.  Sprinkle a light dusting of fine sugar on the top and torch away.  See below for some parting shots of the yummy.



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