Our old shed has become something that does not work for mister and I in the capacity of shedness.  We picked out a new shed and the old has been converted into a playhouse for the girls.  It turned out to be be a lot of work.  Surprise, Surprise  🙂

We hooked up a chain around the base of the shed and dragged it across the yard…the neighbors got a kick out of us.


What a day….it took the majority of the day to move the shed around the house and up the hill to the other side of the house.


Awesome tracks through the grass.


Yup – we are super messy home improvers.  I picked out some white panels to put on the inside….try to keep it clean looking.


Mister built a platform and a ladder for the girls to use for climbing up.  Mister also put in a window!


Next up – finishing up the trim work, painting the floor and building a railing for the platform.

I cannot even tell you have excited I am to have this for the girls.  I know they are excited, but the fact that we had something that we could turn into a playhouse for them is beyond awesome.

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