Check off the list (Hint: The Never Ending List)

Remember the Never Ending List?  Well, I have fabulous news….I get to check 2 things off the list!  #5 and #4.  LOVE IT.

#5 – Getting these doors finished and up on the hinges.

DSCN1295I love the wood doors in comparison to the cottage builder doors that have been up since we purchased the house.  Side Note – Captain and First Officer of Destruction really did a number on those doors and Dave had to do some reinforcing to make sure they did not fall off at every small child’s hand.  Wish us luck with these new ones.  Below is a pic that shows what the doors used to look like – forgive the focus:

nameplates1And here is a rough After picture:

DSCN1518So in love with the new doors. The white was very crisp, which I appreciated but I wanted the warmth from the wood

#4 on the Never Ending List.  As a reminder- I purchased a new bed for Jane and it is now put together and in her room.  Here is the before – when Jules and Jane shared the room.

DSCN0739And here is her new bed:

DSCN1522It is low to the ground and easy for her to get in and out of.  Jane will run full throttle into the room and throw herself onto the bed…..giggling the whole way.

The rest of the room is still in a state of flux.  Dave and I scraped the popcorn ceiling – so a paint job is in order.  The art work is the same and needs to be adjusted based on the new scale and placement of the furniture.

DSCN1524Another Side Note – I am in an online Photo 101 Class, so hopefully a noticeable improvement will be seen in the photos I post when I am done.  I need some serious help with how to work with shadows, windows, movement, umm……the whole shebang.  Fingers Crossed.

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