Messy Mess in the Office

There comes a time in a girls life when she should be able to keep the office door open when guests come over, you know?  For as many years as we have had an office, the door always needed to be shut when people come over.  Why?  Cause it is a dumping ground.  I did not get a before pic, which is unfortunate, but I do have the shot of all of the stuff that we took out in order to remove the carpet. photo-26

In January, Dave and I emptied the room and replaced the carpet with new flooring.  What a difference that made, with just the brightness of the room.  It did not feel so small….oh, maybe that is because all the crap wasn’t in there.  It took a week or so to sort through all of the boxes and other miscellaneous items in my living room……but this is what made it back in.


Those 2 boxes on the floor are my current non-house projects – ah dammit – the one on the right is a house project.  The right box holds all my frames and smaller prints that I have been sorting through.  I need to divide out into keeps and donates, I will also need to review what I have set aside for the bathroom and this room.  What I have up now are just randomly placed items on nails that were in the wall from when this was Jane’s nursery.  The box on the left holds some albums and pictures that I need to put in those albums.  Fun.

DSCN1582The closet still needs trim but otherwise this corner is holding some framed prints that I need to divide into keeps and donates, Jules and Jane’s painting board (goes on the floor when they paint), the craft dresser, and the boxes of bathroom vanities.  Bathroom vanities were purchased during the Denver trip.

DSCN1581This is book central.  I purchased the book shelves from an online garage sale Facebook page – so glad I found them.  I am planning on replacing the upright chair with the blanket and pillow with a more relaxed reading chair.

All in all – better than it was….but I still have some sorting to do.



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