More Yard Work….I’m tired

I am going to love my raised gardens….I am going to love my raised gardens.  That has been my mantra all weekend long.  There has been a lot of measuring, cutting, screwing… yourself…I mean fence building 🙂  …… shoveling dirt, and shoveling gravel.

As a reminder here is the totally awesome sketch I did.

DSCN1602After this weekend, we have gravel in 3 out of the 4 terraces.  Here is a recap of the work:

DSCN1608West bottom terrace…Done!   Fence is complete, new gate is up and gravel is in.  (reminder – this is the location on the potential second raised garden)

DSCN1610South bottom terrace…Done!  Fence is done, new gate is up and gravel is in.  (weed barrier still needs to be trimmed)

DSCN1612DSCN1611South top terrace…kinda done.  Those gravel blank spots have been filled in.  The area in the middle is going to be my garden…so that will not be completed and good lookin’ until Memorial Day.  The fence is partially up – all of the concrete anchors are in…major plus.

DSCN1609South top terrace is still on the to do list.   Then the long process of clean up.  Yeah!

It really does come down to how awesome it will be to have this completed.  I cannot wait to have my 2 raised gardens, a fire pit and great fence to keep the mongrels in.

I am going to love my raised gardens….I am going to love my raised gardens.

2 thoughts on “More Yard Work….I’m tired

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