Whew – Top terrace complete

Dave and I are felling very relieved…..all of that manual labor (click here for a recap) is coming to an end.  My gardens are still on the list…..but the largest project of creating the terraces and getting the fence and gravel completed is DONE!!!!  This two week project was a challenge for us – we worked through rain and snow, but the end of the tunnel is here and I am so pleased.

DSCN1620The fire pit will be on this level and I cannot wait to sit down and have a beer.

DSCN1626I am so happy – if you look to the right, there are some flower pot additions to the mix.  I have a large amount of scraps from the fence so I have been working on a few things to use those scraps up and not waste them…..check out the next post for that.

DSCN1627I will now have a fabulous view out my kitchen window.  SOOOO looking forward to having my garden in and reaping the rewards.

2 thoughts on “Whew – Top terrace complete

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