Spring cleaning and a rug

My white board full of stuff to do.…is all outdoor stuff so I needed to re-group and find another project….

DSCN1706All my projects outside…need nice weather.  Oh Well.  Another day.

So it looks like Spring Cleaning has begun at my house. I moved all of the furniture from the living room to the hall so that I could give the floor a good scrub down.

DSCN1707Yeah….fun times.  You know you are SOOOOO jealous.

Since I had everything out of the living room – I thought that today would be a great day to re-introduce a cowhide rug to our lives.  It took many moons for me to find the right cowhide for the house.   I had seen one in a model house as a bedroom rug and that inspired my search.  I purchased this one last year and it lived on the floor for a month.   My kitty took a disliking to it, so I had to put it away.  Since my kitty has since passed, the rug can come out of hiding.

DSCN1717Hello beautiful……yeah.  The orientation of the rug will change over time, as I love the rug…..just not how it is sitting in the room at the moment….but for now I am just living it with.  I will need to do a little bit of work on the creases that appeared during storage.   See this link for what was suggested.

Have any of you had to put something away or sell it because an animal has ‘disliked’ it….or peed on it….or scratched the crap out of it???

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