Organization – shoot me now

I like things organized, I like being able to go to a drawer or a bookshelf and finding exactly what I am looking for.  The thing I don’t like is keeping up on it, harping encouraging the girls and Dave to put things where they belong.  The one thing that I will not budge on is making beds… bed is made EVERY morning before I leave the house and the girls are getting better at making their beds each morning as well.  On the other side of the coin (in the bedroom) I do not keep my closet up very well.

A little while ago I ran across a Pin on Pinterest about keeping items in your closet limited.  Unfortunately – it was a late night stroll through Pinterest so I apparently did not Pin the idea…nor do I remember where it came from.  DANG IT!  How crazy is it that I am posting about organizing and I wasn’t organized (or awake enough) to keep track of what inspired me to dive face first into getting AND KEEPING my closet under control.  Seriously, shoot me now.

I started by picking the same hangers for my entire closet….I had a mixture of white and black so I kept all the black.  These are my favorite:

Then I started emptying my closet – changing out the hangers to the ones I picked.

IMG_0117I left Dave’s clothes (on the right-starting after the dress and going all the way behind the wall) alone for the most part.  If I haven’t worn an article of clothing in a year, it went into the hold box.  I decided on a hold box to ensure that I don’t end up with purge regret.  I will keep the box in storage for roughly 3 to 6 months and if I do not go digging in it – the box will go to a clothes swap or be a donation.

closetThis is the end result….I only used 33 hangers…..but the majority of those are getting used for my cardigans.  I have A LOT  of cardigans….and I kind of feel like I cheated as all my tanks are in the drawers next to Dave’s work shirts.

I can do a little more work in making the My side/Dave side even….by switching the shoe cubbies and switching the drawers around.

I will be on the look out for a new set of baskets for the swim suits.  Dave and mine are in the top fabric container and the girls’ are in the bottom.  I used those containers….because I had them and those are the best kind when trying out a new system.

So here is the completed closet……I set a reminder on my calendar and in 3 months, I’ll give a sneak peek at how I am doing with the 33 hangers, and baskets.

IMG_0128What do you think?  Could you do it?


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