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Jane’s birthday party was over the weekend and here are a few highlights from the prep to the party.

I started with the invites as those would be my jumping off point for ideas.  I used a graphic design program and came up with invite below.  A quick upload to Walmart Photo Shop online and I had invites in no time.

IMG_2454 Now for the stuffs.  Jane’s pirate outfit included a stripped shirt, a red tutu, pirate hat and pirate necklace.  The kids (and adults) all got eye patches and pirate hats.  The princess wands were available for those that wanted them.

Jane's Pirate Princess Birthday


Jane’s Pirate Princess Birthday by whitney-gonitzke on Polyvore
Party TattoosRed Tutu  Pirate Pinata Eye Patches Skull Charm Pirate Hat   Stripped Tee  |  Glitter Wand
 IMG_2470We had a tattoo and sunscreen station 🙂 , a small pool for the littles and a larger pool for the bigs.
IMG_2476IMG_2482Jane enjoyed herself immensely in both.
 IMG_2501A little pinata action.
Happy Birthday Miss Jane!  Mom and Dad love you.

2 thoughts on “Jane turns 4

  1. Jaycee says:

    Cute invites!

    1. Thank you. I appreciate that. They were very fun to make.

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