Weekend Randomness on our Projects

Dave and I were able to put our mark on a few things this weekend.  Nothing all the way completed but progress made, at least.

1.  Spray paint extravaganza.  I went a little crazy with the spray paint.

thehappycrazyhouse_spray_paintI started with little pumpkins…..

IMG_2870and then I decided to update a piece from my bedroom

DSCN1290see that mirror on the wall…..well – I took it down and did this……

IMG_2867and then this…..

IMG_2868it’s a sickness, I know.  I cannot leave anything alone.  Poor Dave, he never knows when things will be moved, changed, or gone.

This is one of the things that isn’t done yet.

Dave also helped me put up an Ikea storage unit to help corral my art supplies.  (Ikea Hemnes shoe storage)

IMG_2858Can you see the coffee can that I spray painted?  That happened….and the knobs…the knobs got sprayed as well. 

My craft area is in the office and at times this room can get out of control.  A few months ago I really went through this room and cleaned it up.  When I put this Ikea cabinet in, I took advantage of the opportunity to do some more decluttering.  (I started in this post and have been working on it room by room)

decluttermake it a party and hopefully it won’t hurt so bad!

2.  Dave lifted our shed.  Last weekend I put a coat of paint on it and that spurred Dave into getting some cement blocks under it.

IMG_2872As you can see…it is level but not done.  We need to build a ramp and put up a barrier to keep small animals and KIDS away from underneath.  Dave did a great job getting the supports under and I am so happy to cross that part off our list.

3.  and then there is the demo in the master bathroom

IMG_2812So I guess this means that I had better get my plans finalized.  AHHH!

Here is my jumping off point.

Bathroom Ideas


Although, I am thinking of these for the wall from tileshop.com.  They look amazing, No?

Busy weekend and lots more to do.

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