Butcher Block Table

For many moons I have been Facebook stalking this regional for sale page for months.  There was this butcher block tabletop that was super rough looking that popped up, but I failed to flag it, like it, comment on it – anything that would have let me track it down.  Miracle of Miracles, it showed up again – for a lower price. Yeah!

Messages were sent, a drive was taken and the tabletop belonged to me.  Dave took it on as his project.  I am happy about that….don’t get me wrong….but this is all his work.

First order of business was taking off all the old weird hardware and putting some putty on the holes.

IMG_2961Dave used Donald Durhams Rockhard Water Putty

Legs were a problem.  I had a ton of ideas on what to do for legs, but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for.  I took to Pinterest to explore the interwebs and found a great inspiration table that had industrial pipe legs.  Decision. Made.

IMG_2963We decided to use the bottom as the top, since the top had a serious low spot that Dave would not have been able to sand out.  He could have taken a layer off but it would have interfered with the bolts that went all the way through the table holding everything together…..so bottom becomes top.

IMG_2967There was a lot of sanding.

IMG_2968I purchased the above rectangles and cut them to size to keep my floor protected from those fittings.

IMG_2986Looking good legs, looking good.

IMG_2988To protect the table top…and us, Dave used Watco Butcher Block Oil and FInish.

DIY Butcher Block Table


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