New Rug for Jane’s Room

Jane’s room looked this last week:


I really liked how the room was set up and Jane approved….but the girls were only playing in there when guests were over.  I bought an Ikea table for them to use in July and it was crazy popular for little bit, but they steadily started setting up on the floor in my office to play.  It turns out that Jules and Jane wanted to set up in the office to play school… I made a few adjustments to make it work.


The Ikea table sits on a new Circo Rug from Target.  It’s a light blue/grey that looks really nice with the wall color.  So far so good.  The girls have been playing school in Jane’s room and utilizing the table….with Jane as the student of course.


The interior wall hasn’t changed.


and the closet is still the same


Overall a simple move of the bed to one wall and the table moved to the middle over a rug.  Pretty simple change but it looks super cute.  What do you think?

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