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The girls and I were pretty busy during the previous 2 weeks getting the Christmas decor out and arranged.  When we first started I got all the decor out that we are using this year and put it around the place.  I was happy with where everything was at.  The girls had other plans.

Everything got moved and then moved again.


I think that we are all happy now, as its been a couple of days since something has moved.


So Pretty.


In the dinning room:

are those jack daniels bottles being used as candle holders.  no…I mean Yes.  I painted them to help them blend in.

I don’t own taper sized candle holders and I wasn’t enthused about buying any.  I was given the tapers as a gift, so I used some left over bottles from a card party we hosted a few weeks back.

I am thinking that I should put together a candlelit dinner for Dave and I.


Have a good weekend peeps.


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