Radio Silence

Sorry about the radio silence peeps, but life has been happening and summer has been calling my name.  Not much has been happening in the house but I have some fun pics of what we have been up to.

A lake vacation.  As a quick recap- Dave grew up in Kramer, ND and we go to the lake nearby every 4th to catch up with friends and relax:

the happy crazy house lake vacation

The girls had an absolute blast on the boat.

the happy crazy house lake 4th of july

We spent the majority of the days on the lake – but took a few days to run into ‘town’.

the happy crazy house

Fun at the Kramer park

the happy crazy house

In Kramer (ND) we revisited David’s youth and went to skate night!  There has been a lot of interest into the re-opened skate night in Kramer.  We were there when a TV anchor was up from Bismark to do interviews.

the happy crazy house TV interview

The girls were interviewed as visitors.

the happy crazy house tv interview

Dave was interviewed as an adult who has come back on vacation and brought his kids to experience his childhood haunt.  Although Dave forgot to include the story of how he and his friends used to jump off the stage in their skates.   I wish he would have gone into that!!!

the happy crazy house roller skating

So cute.

the happy crazy house roller skating

Blurry iPhone pic!  Still adorable though.

the happy crazy house roller skating

Dave and Jane getting their father daughter skating on.

the happy crazy house

We also took flowers to the Kramer cemetery for Grandma Betty and Grandpa Darrell.

the happy crazy house

Improvised horse shoes.

the happy crazy house

Perfect example of how peaceful it can be.

the happy crazy house

All in all a great get away.


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