We have a new family member!!!  It’s a puppy!  Meet Archer…Archer is a Papillon – please see the link below for info on the breed.

I knew about him, but it was a surprise to Dave and the girls when I brought him home.

The first meeting:

the happy crazy house papillion archer

Obviously the human family members were excited by his appearance.  Our other 4 legged animals have been resigned to his addition to their world.  hahaha.  There were no issues with their introductions.  Quite frankly, we have been blessed with our animals.  They really are easy going; just accepted him and moved on.

the happy crazy house Archer Hilde

I had a list of names picked out for us to choose from but when we were trying them out…none of them fit.  We almost settled on Harvey, but I couldn’t quite agree.  Even though it would have been really cool for him to have his own theme song.

I was pretty set on Sterling, although I was sure Dave would never agree…and I was right.  But when I did mention Sterling, we both looked at each other and were like “Archer!!”  Points to you if you know the reference.  I can’t wait to tell him he left crumbs on the floor, “That’s how you get ants.” Or when his ears fill in, “Look at his tufted ears!”   and with Archer, he still gets a theme song…….Score!!!!

Playing with his toys.

the happy crazy house archer

Sleeping after a hard day.

the happy crazy house archer

Just love this little guy.  Look for him photo bombing in future pictures.


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