A new chicken coop

Last spring we added chickens to our family.  We started out with a little coop behind the girls’ playhouse.  It did its duty, but after a run in with a determined couple of dogs that were staying at our house…..it needed some help.  And when I say it needed some help, I mean it was completely destroyed.  One of the dogs tried to dig her way into the coop to get my chickens.  I will let you know now, there were causalities 😦

We could no longer rely on the coop to keep the chickens safe when dogs visited.

the happy crazy house chicken coop

Dave came up with a plan to add a secure coop to the back of the playhouse.  Jules was in charge of dismantling the previous coop so that we could reuse all of the hinged doors and nesting box.

the happy crazy house chicken coop

Our new coop definitely evolved as it was getting built, but the end result is amazing.


Dave put plastic corrugated panels in one corner and over a sliver of the roof.  We are both assuming that will need to be replaced frequently or switched out to metal.  The nesting box is mounted to the far wall and our old screen door was cannibalized for a lifted water and feed station.

the twins

The top portion of the screen door is now the main door into the coop.  Dave replaced the wussy screen with heavy duty chicken wire.  Inside Dave mounted hinged panels to keep the wind out.  He also reused the lid to the old nesting box.  The lid is now the chicken entry/exit under the plastic panel.  Dave also ran chicken wire underneath the bedding around the perimeter of the coop….gotta keep any future chicken killer dogs out.  I think we will reinforce the outside perimeter with quikrete.

the happy crazy house chicken coop

Our dogs do not bother the chickens at all….in fact we have come across Big Chicken and Belle taking a nap together on the sunny patio.  If that happens again, I am going to try my hardest to get photo proof.

pics or it didn’t happen.

Big Chicken is the darling of the 3.  The Twins are just the Twins…I cannot tell them apart.  Big Chicken on the other hand was the sole survivor of the visiting dog incident.  She was alone for a few months before the Twins came to live with us.  I think she likes us so much because the girls would always come out and play with her.  Jane adores Big Chicken and frequently carries her around.

Sweet Jane and her buddy.


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