Retaining Wall

Earlier this year we re-did the front steps on our house.  We did not rebuild the stairs from the driveway to the front door.  Our retaining wall needed to be completely overhauled so the stairs waited.

the happy crazy house old front porch

Here is a look back at where we started this year.

the happy crazy house new front porch

Dave and I took a trip out of town with the girls to pick up a load railroad ties….here is an iPhone pic of the resulting mess.

teh happy crazy house railroad ties

We were lucky enough to borrow a large bobcat to tear out the old retaining wall, move some dirt and pull back the gravel. Another iPhone pic…..sorry

the happy crazy house railroad tie demo

Laying out the new railroad ties and staking them down.

the happy crazy house railroad tie retailing wall

Ahh, the stairs.  So our new stairs from the driveway to the front entry.  Anyone that knows me….knows that I am a klutz.  My previous stairs provided me with a broken knee and plenty of slips and spills.  The broken knee came from me missing the final step and taking a tumble – all while holding a tiny little Jane.  Jane didn’t get hurt.   Score one for Mom.  Needless to say, those stairs needed to go.  I do not have a close up of those death trap stairs but you can kind of make them out in the picture at the top of the post.

Here are the new stairs….even and well spaced.

the happy crazy hosue railroad tie retaining wall and stairs

Success!  We have some clean up to do around the edges but we are done until spring.


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