Work on the Front Entry

Dave and I spent a Saturday updating our front entry. Previously, we had a simple screen door.  It served it’s purpose, but did not showcase the pretty door that we put in.

the happy crazy house front door

We spent the morning putting this up.  Dave and I have our parts down….after many Ikea incidents.  I read the directions and Dave puts the stuff together.  Easy Peasy.  Should I mention the part where we put it in backwards??  No?  OK…..

the happy crazy house - new storm door

The new storm door is all window (!) and has a screen that we can pop in.  I love to have my doors open for a breeze to flow through the house and I would hate to miss out on that.

the happy crazy house storm door

It amazes me how much light comes in with just a slight change from screen to glass.  Our interior stairway is less like a black hole.

the happy crazy house interior storm door

Here is good shot to show how well you can see the whole front door.  Before the screen slightly obscured the glass panels and the bottom lattice completely blocked the bottom glass panel.

the happy crazy house - retaining wall

That’s it until spring.  Whew…so glad we are done.


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