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As a reminder The NeverEnding List has been haunting me for ages.  We last hit upon some of those items a year and a half ago.

What happens to time?  It was just a second ago that I was patting myself on the back for getting so much done….then screech!  abrupt halt.

Our master bathroom plans have slightly altered as the demo progressed.  This is where I was a year ago when we first took out the shower, toilet and vanity.


Bathroom Ideas


Bathroom Ideas on Polyvore

Here are my current purchases:
2016 Master Bathroom Plan


2016 Master Bathroom Plan by whitney-gonitzke on Polyvore

I adore the tile we picked out.  Everything else are various shades of white, so I will need to address that when I am accessorizing.
But I am getting ahead of myself.  As we were taking out the last of the flooring, we discovered the great disappointment.  The previous owners did a repair in 1998 (kindly recorded on the wood underneath the floor and signed) that compromised the stability of the flooring.  Dave and I are now taking out everything to the joists and rebuilding.
the happy crazy house - bathroom demo
2016 looks to be the year of the bathrooms.  We have the following:
  1.   Master Bathroom – started
  2.   Guest Bathroom – vanity purchased
  3.   Downstairs bathroom
  4.   Front porch roof
  5.   Finish front walkway
  6.   Terrace hill to the chicken coop
 Wish us luck on our mission.  We will need it.  🙂

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