Friday Wrap Up 06

It’s been a bit since I did a roundup of what we have been working on.  Things have been hectic at the house, so large projects have been pushed to the side in favor of smaller ones.

Our exchange student, O, is very involved with school activities which has been an eye opener for me.  She cannot drive so we are forever coordinating to’s and from’s.  I am so proud of all the things O has jumped into.  Jules and Jane have also been getting busier with homework, friends and activities.  If you follow me on Instagram, you have been seeing the girls in their ice skating classes….doing a great job. 🙂   click here

Umm…so remember that time I started a painting project when it wasn’t winter?  Well, the majority of the painting has been completed.  As I said during this post, I was steadily painting our interior rooms to Cotton Cloud in Clark+Kensington’s Satin finish from Ace.  Since I am banned from climbing too  high on a ladder, I needed Dave to help me with the entrance.  The new color really makes Giant Canvas stand out.

the happy crazy house - entry

here is another view

the happy crazy house entrance
and in this photo you can see our new couch.  The search for a couch that works for this family has been a long one.  We had Red Couch, Orange Couch, Retro Couch, stop gap couch (which is in the basement at the moment) and now this one…..which in an odd twist…I haven’t named yet.  Say what?  So its probably going to be White Couch.  I know, so original.  That table at the end of the chaise is called a ‘snack table’.  I know, right?!  I had been searching for a laptop table, but those results left a lot to be desired.  Once I learned a few more furniture terms, I was able to locate this one in minutes.  I adore it…moveable and useful.

Baxton Studio Sosegado Leather Sectional Sofa with Right Facing Chaise, White
Monarch Specialties Chrome Metal and White Accent Side Table

Here are a few pics of the dining room.

the happy crazy house dining room
It looks so bright and happy to me.  Such a difference from a few years ago, when every corner seemed to be too dark.

I have some new photos of the bedroom – but they turned out terrible.  I need to do some camera studying.  At some point something got changed so that I cannot preview any of my shots until I download them.  Weird.  Anywho – here is a shot of my bedroom.

the happy crazy house master bedroom

Rolly cart is currently keeping all of our tools from the bathroom remodel corralled.

the happy crazy house master bedroom

The last thing that I changed up is our blinds.  We have had the bamboo blinds since we moved in.  More than once during our tenure in this house, I have been woken up by the moon shining in through the slats.  I decided to switch the slated blinds to blackout ones.

They work incredibly well.

the happy crazy house master bedroom blinds

I am reviewing my options for another layer of curtains.  What do you think?  Sheer and floaty?  Heavy and thick?

2 thoughts on “Friday Wrap Up 06

  1. Like what you have done. Keep your options open for the window treatments. Maybe something in between light and heavy. You’ll know it when you see it. Great patterns out there. A great chance to add texture.

    • I already had a VERY sheer netting that I had purchased for the dining rom (before I realized how sheer they were). I have them up for the time being. You are right though…something between the sheerness of those and the heaviness of what’s in the dining room.

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