Falling in… Love and Marriage

I have come across quite a few articles and posts about marriage recently…all quite inflammatory and polarizing.  Each author sure of their facts, resources and reasoning as to why their opinion of how a marriage should work is the right one.  A couple of them made me a little uncomfortable, as it was a far cry from my own marriage.

It doesn’t take much to be reminded of what a catch Dave is.  When Dave and I met, I was some months out of a relationship that really broke me down.  I used to imagine myself like a broken piece of pottery.  Horrible image, true but horrible.  Through a series of happy and sad accidents a friend of mine called me and invited me on a day rafting trip with him and his friends.  The only reason that I met Dave was because his Grandma had passed away and he was in town after the funeral.  he is NEVER in town  I was invited on the rafting trip on the whim of a high school friend.  I asked a girlfriend of mine to come along and the next morning we met at Dave’s house.  I turned a corner in the house and there before me was a bearded vision of awesomeness.  I thought he was cute straight off and was pumped to spend the day with him.  Fast forward to the end of the day and we parted ways without exchanging phone numbers.  What?!

**All pics are uploads from physical copies, so please forgive the quality.  Yes – that is how old I am.  hahahahaha

but seriously…..look how young we are!

I forgot something at Dave’s….no seriously, I did.  The next evening I went over to pick up my stuff and we talked and talked.  We were dating by the next weekend, moved in together by the next month.  It was one of those times where you just look at your partner and know that they are it for you.

Dave always tells people that I chose him because he can fix pretty much anything.  no joke, we have yet to come across something he hasn’t been able to fix.  He is crazy smart and incredibly handy.  Best of all – Dave makes me laugh, he reminds me to have fun, he encourages me to talk.  Talking, the bane of my existence.  I dislike talking about things that matter, isn’t that quite the conundrum?  I can tell stories and anecdotes all day, but ask me to talk about my opinions and feelings about personal matters (and politics) and I will clam up.  so this post is a leap of faith

Dave and I bicker and we fight but its all worth it.  We have so much fun together.  Dave’s introduction into my life has really filled it to the brim with great memories.  Because Dave is Dave, I can turn on the balls to the walls pretty fast… I know how to ride a motorcycle (badly), I can tuck and roll out of a moving vehicle, I can take a flying leap off a moving boat, I can be mouthy bossy and he still has my back.

haha – now this is true for Dave and I sometimes

Instead of harping on different ‘types’ of marriage, can’t we agree that each couples version of a happy marriage is the one that works for them?  I don’t feel like labeling someone else’s life or telling them that their relationship is lacking in some way.  If someone says its always sunshine and roses…fine.  If another says it is hard as shit and they work at it every day….fine.

Mine seems to be a mixture of both and I am fine with that.

This just happens to be a pretty close rendition of what its like for me.

and this is Dave’s

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