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If you follow me on Instagram this will not come as a surprise.  Drum Roll:  I caved and hired a contractor to come in and do the bulk of the work in our master bathroom.  Dave and I gutted the master bathroom in November of 2014.  Yes!  You read that right.  And I am pretty sure that the pathetic picture below is the only before picture I have.  Score one for me

the happy crazy house bathroom


I have been planning this remodel for ages and have had the majority of the supplies stockpiled for years.

Click here for details

And here

During the last part of demo, we discovered some weird items that were done in the past in the name of a repair.  The support was pieced together and not even screwed in correctly.

the happy crazy house - bathroom demo

Dave and I planned out our weekends on how we would get it done and by when,  but then it all changed.  Dave got wind of how busy work was going to be.   When Dave’s work is busy, it means that he is not in town often.  His travel schedule goes crazy and we struggle to just get family time in.  I had this idea in my head to take the pressure off Dave, but it would require hiring someone.  If I decided to do it, I wanted it to be a surprise for Dave.  I put out an ask for help/suggestions for reputable contractors and I was rewarded handsomely.  The people of Billings came through for me.  I was referred to multiple people who, I am sure, would have done an amazing job…but I gave my business to Moser Construction.

Let me tell you, it was a good choice.  They came when they said, they did what they said, they cleaned up after themselves each night and they finished when they said.  Amaze-balls.

Here are some in progress pics:
the happy crazy house master bathroom tiling

The tile install – So Awesome!

the happy crazy house master bathroom tile
Looking in from the bedroom:

the happy crazy house master bathroom

That shower head was a point of contention.  Dave had very specific ideas about what it should be like based on some of his favorites that he has come across while traveling.  This is a waterfall showerhead….NOT I repeat NOT a rainfall showerhead.  It’s the right choice for us.

You Tube Video of Shower

I kept the remodel a secret for the week –   not easy.  Moser Construction came in on Monday and finished on Friday evening – they left a few things undone at my request…so Dave and I could put our own mark on the tiny room.

the happy crazy house master bathroom tile

Dave came home on the 8 pm flight on Friday and was pleasantly surprised by the fully functional bathroom.  Pleasantly surprised might be an understatement.  The relief of having this project done was crazy high.  I was on the receiving end of a lot of hugs.  His enthusiasm for finishing off the room was infectious and we went to the hardware store first thing on Saturday to get the remaining items for the ceiling.

the happy crazy house master bathroom

We were able to complete the ceiling in an afternoon and install a Bluetooth enabled bathroom fan.  Fun!  Tunes while you poop.

I do have a few details to finish up….toilet paper holder, a piece of art for the wall and a perch of some kind for the shower.  All in all, a great contractor experience and the perfect room for us.

What do you think of this master bathroom reveal?


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