Friday Wrap Up 7

I have no excuse for being so lazy about posting….well- that’s a lie.  I have plenty of excuses:  Kids, husband, house, animals, family etc, etc, etc.  but whatev’s.  I am back.

  • My exchange student O, has her last day of high school today.  I am happy for her and I almost cried.  I made her re-create the first day of school pic I took of her.  **sniff**  She has done some amazing stuff this year, see below for a poor quality video (sorry!) of her last solo for choir.


  • In house news, I have selected, purchased and hung a piece of art for my new master bathroom.  It is gorgeous.  Here is a link to the Etsy store I purchased it from.  GrittyCityGoods  – They also have a map (surprise, surprise) that I adore.

the happy crazy house master bathroom art


  • We are working on our basement bathroom/laundry room.  Work in progress.  Dave installed a large shower and we are now awaiting assistance on drywall, tape, mud and texture.  Neither of us has any talent in that area, so help is needed.

And then just because everyone needs some adorableness in their day…pics of the girls.  Happy Friday Everyone!





2 thoughts on “Friday Wrap Up 7

  1. I love the pic in the bathroom and can’t wait to see it next weekend. Your kids are so photogenic, I really take credit for that because that railing really brings out their cuteness (just kidding, I’m responsible because I’m all powerful).

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