More Organizing, Decluttering and Purging…A lifestyle change

This project has been running a long time and I have expanded my scope from purging/decluttering to include what I bring into the house as well.   My last post was in September (click here), but it all started with a messy closet.  Too many clothes that I didn’t wear. (What do you mean?  An off the shoulder evening dress, with platform stiletto pink satin shoes, that I wore 4 years ago is not an everyday wearable item?)  On top of a full closet, I tracked my activities in a ‘day in the life’ post and was horrified at how I had continuously substituted a healthy sit down lunch for running home to bust out some cleaning.  The amount of time that I spent cleaning (click here) became a point of contention.

the happy crazy house day in the life
The changes in my cleaning schedule:  I like a clean house.  If you are familiar with a split entry house, you know that when you walk in the door you have the perfect view of your floor straight through your house.  Since I do not have carpet, a dirty floor really stands out.  I have 3 dogs and 1 cat….so the hair.  So.Much.Hair.  A year ago I would vacuum or sweep at least twice a day.  Keeping up on the hair also kept my allergies in check, so I never slacked off.  Fast forward to today, a few things have changed.  I have gone through the house organizing, decluttering and purging.  I have sold or donated an excessive amount of ‘stuff’.  After my previous decluttering adventures throughout the house, I was really surprised at how much I was able to part with.  Without the stuff cluttering up every surface, it makes cleaning a breeze.  Quick wipe here, quick swipe there…done.

View from the entry across my floor into the living room.

the happy crazy house - view across the floor

The best change was the purchase of an iRobot, from Amazon 🙂  I had some gift cards saved up so this was definitely a present to me from my family and friends.  I programmed this little vacuum miracle worker to run every day.  What a time saver for me.  When I come home from work the floors are clear and I spend all of 5 minutes emptying the bin and ensuring it is clear of hair on the wheels.  Done!

the happy crazy house - roomba

My weakness is my plants.  I still have them in the dining room and kitchen.  I love having them, so even though I have to clean around them….they are staying.

the happy crazy house - minimal decor

Changing my mindset on purchases:  I watched The True Cost last summer and it made me think.  A dangerous past time, I know.  (points for you if you get the reference)  There is a lot of information in that film and the end really emphasizes the plight of the worker in fast fashion.  There is a small portion of the movie that discusses the opposing side and I encourage you to do your own research on the matter.  There are no easy answers to such a global issue but my personal takeaway was to question what I am buying, from home goods to clothing, in order to make a more informed purchase.  Each decision is a personal one based on need, want, accessibility, price, etc.  You won’t find me judging anyone else based on their choices as I am still learning and will make wild choices based on the above but I will choose to forgive myself and try to do better in the future.

The changes in my closet:  I adore shoes and I had a ton of them.  A different shoe for every outfit variation, but my day to day outfits were not varied.  I am a tank top and cardigan kind of girl.  Why fight it?  With that in mind I simplified my outfit choices by paring down to my favorite cardigans and tank tops with a few of my favorite blouses that occasionally made it into the rotation.  My shoe collection received the same treatment.  Although I did keep a sequined pair……for everyday outings.

sequin shoes

Call it a capsule wardrobe, call it a uniform, call it whatever you like.  It comes down to keeping what you wear and shopping wisely in the future for any replacements.  With items in your closet that are used frequently, its difficult to make a mess of it.  I do not pack away seasonal items, my closet has my entire wardrobe in it.  This makes it easy for me to see what I have.  I will, hopefully, remember that I already have a black sweater and not buy that cute one on the sale rack.

the happy crazy house - clean closet
Recap – this started for me in 2014 as a small closet project and then morphed into something bigger as time passed and I learned more.

  1.  Closet June 2014
  2. The Plan September 2014
  3. Whole house May 2015
  4. The Purge September 2015

My enthusiasm has not diminished but I do admit to working through this slowly (not like I originally planned).  I was very gung ho and wanted it all done RIGHT.NOW.  Oh well.  There’s a fable about a tortoise, you know?  I will use that to make myself feel better.  Ha!

2 thoughts on “More Organizing, Decluttering and Purging…A lifestyle change

  1. Great post and I’m right there with you on the closet clean out. I found I’m a tshirt and cardigan girl and all in white, grey, blue and black…why fight it and buy trendy items I’ll wear once? I’ll check out that movie, so thanks for the suggestion. Lastly, your floors amaze me! Mine are that clean for approximately 5 minutes after I mop.

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