Friday Wrap Up 8

The small projects have been adding up and today’s the day when I air them all out on the blog.

Project One:  The below picture is what we were working with fence wise.  Currently the chicken coop is behind the playhouse.  When the chickens are out and about, they make a poopy mess on my patio.  I wanted an area that would be just for them to wander, without the poo and the fear of them getting eaten by a dog.  My parents are retired and I babysit their dog every once in awhile – he was apart of the incident last spring.  Hence the need for a gate and an addition to the fence.

The happy crazy house backyard fence

We are putting up a fence on top of the retaining wall (in front of the playhouse).

the happy crazy house retaining wall

The gate is coming this weekend but the fence itself has been great.

the happy crazy house fence

Project Two:  I talked Dave into putting shelves in our upstairs coat closet.  It had morphed over time into a catch all for crap, not just coats.  I relocated the coats and sorted through the rest of the crap to make the closet an extended pantry.

even harriet is looking at the closet like – really???

the happy crazy house closet

End result is just what I wanted.  We have some larger kitchen items that did not fit into our 1970 cabinets, but having this storage area clears up the clutter in the lower cabinets.

do you see the microwave in there?  Yup, its official.  No microwave in the kitchen.  I wussed out on getting rid of it completely.  Its like a pacifier.

the happy crazy house pantry

Project Three:  My outside lights near the front door were pretty small.  I looked for ages for lights that I wanted to see on the front of the house day in and day out.

the happy crazy house - retaining wall

What do you think?  Dave put them in for me.

the happy crazy house exterior lights
the happy crazy house exterior

Project Four:  I purchased a new dishwasher.  Surprise!  I went with white.  I have found that I am not a fan of the black or stainless in my kitchen.  Once again, it comes down to the shadows that are naturally cast in this house with the north/south placement and the kitchen on the back wall.

the happy crazy house white dishwasher

My next update will be a white refrigerator.  I am keeping that stove, I love that stove, we bought this house because of that stove.  I can live with the stainless…..for awhile.  hahahahaha

also, that’s my pink level.  Hands off Dave!

the happy crazy house white kitchen

In a previous post, Click Here , I had saved inspiration images for white kitchens.   Looking back at my 2014/2015 timeline of kitchen planning, I have been leaning towards changing out our appliances to white.  With all of the kitchen trends going on, I would really like your opinion on my decision to go back to white appliances.

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