Something Different for Jane’s Birthday – Halloween Party

Jane’s Birthday is at the beginning of August and she has always been disappointed that she has been unable to invite her school friends to her party (timing or just plain getting a hold of people during the summer).  This year we postponed her party until after school had started.  Jane decided on a Halloween theme and I am busy gathering the items she has asked for.  Luckily since it is Halloween, I am just blending the Birthday decor and Halloween decor that I have saved over the years.

Halloween Birthday Party
 Dave and I have a few projects on deck that we were hoping to get done before her party….but that is not going to happen.  Dave’s work is going to extend through the weekend and well into next week.  I am thinking we will see him next Thursday or Friday.  Oh, Well.  I’ll get the house cleaned up and decorated.
Follow along on Instagram to watch my progress on the decor and projects.  Or my non-progress on projects hehe

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