Friday Wrap Up 10

Additional work on our random projects is getting done. Dave was in town for a couple of weekdays and knocked it out of the park.
Stairs to the chicken coop:
Last winter we had a lot of ice on the hill in front of the coop … know that means I fell a few times, right?  

Big Chicken photobomb

A friend of ours was redoing his back yard and had a big stack of railroad ties.  So last spring we loaded them up and they were patiently waiting until Dave could turn them into stairs.

The pic above was after one day of work.  The bush will be moved, 1 more tier at the top added and the entrance to the coop finalized.  Fun stuff!!

 Downstairs Family Room:

The room is now white, like the rest of the house.  I have moved around a couple of things and need to make more adjustments.

I used to have shelves on either side of the window but I took down the ones on the left to make room for the TV on the wall.  I will continue to move the furniture all around the room to try and find the location that works for everything.  tube tv is for Duck Hunt- love that game  – teaching kids the classics. Ha!

Hope you have a great weekend!  We will be spending time with family on the farm.  Photos on Instagram.

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