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It’s official.  It took a very long time but it’s ours.


A tiny bit of backstory:  We always knew that we would end up in Kramer, North Dakota.  Both Dave and I thought it would be closer to retirement, but we always kept an eye on the job openings…..and here we are 🙂  A large factor in our decision, is the proximity to the lake.  Dave and I are lake people.  He has had a dream of having a cabin on water since he was a kid.  I added that to my bucket list the first year he took me to Lake Metigoshe when I was 23.

We finally made the dream come true and this original little 1930’s lake cabin is ours.

I get a little misty when I think of how we can host our friends and family at the lake during the summer months. Even more so when I think of the memories that we have begun to accumulate with the girls there.

One of the best thing about the cabin, is the location- directly across from the island that puts off Fourth of July fireworks.

During high summer it gets busy at the lake but come fall, it’s very serene.

Our hearts are full and oh, so happy to call this place ours.


4 thoughts on “The Lake Cabin

  1. Man-Oman says:


    1. thehappycrazyhouse says:

      Thank you so much!!

  2. Sara says:

    What a great place for a get away! Hope it is close to home so you can be there often.

    1. thehappycrazyhouse says:

      It sure is – 40 minutes!

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