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All the work that has been completed is the unattractive stuff.  LOL.  Unattractive but necessary.

The base of the room is getting done.

That super fun stuff is getting completed by Dave.  hahahahaha  I have been playing around with the footprint to ensure that we can get a bathroom up here eventually.  When we bought the house, there were plumbing lines roughed in to this area….right next to the stairs.  After some exploration we realized that they cut(!!!!!!!) the floor joists to put those roughed lines in.  seriously, people.  I love DIY – but I love educated DIY.  Dave and I sistered new joists in and took out the roughed in lines so we could start from scratch…..the right way.

In the below layout I put the bathroom back next to the stairs to see how to would work out with lines and layout.

Attic Bedroom Overhead view2.png

In my previous two plans – 1.  I had the bathroom in this space, but way smaller.  2.  I had the bathroom in the center of room on the north side (where the desk with the purple chair is below).

I have them mapped out on the floor in marker at the moment and will choose one by the end of next week when we have to start with the Sheetrock.

Attic Bedroom overhead view

The bathroom finishes won’t stop us from finishing the bedroom part of the upstairs.  I am still working with this inspo board.

One Room Challenge Week 1 Attic Bedroom

The girls OK’d their choices and we are moving forward!

One Room Challenge Week 2 Attic Bedroom


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