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OMG – its the final push to the end result.  As I stated last week, we had a sickness come over the whole family and we lost a whole weekend…which is devastating to our timeline since we only have Dave on weekends.  BUT!  we got our poop in a group and pushed to get the walls textured, and the ceiling slats up.

Working late.

ORC week5.2

Dave has really honed his skills in texturing.  I remember the first project we did with the texture gun….and it was …….interesting.  hahahahahaha   interesting in that you could have cut yourself on the wall with how deep the texture was put on.

But as you can see, it looks fantastic.

Our next issue was the type of lights to install.  Our clearance was quite small so Dave found these ultra slim LED lights.  I am so impressed with how low profile they are.

Seriously!!  Look at how thin they are.  It is a very easy install – a large hole drilled through our wood slats, wire it up and clip it in.

Dave really chose well on those lights.



Our roll up for week 6 will be delayed.  Dave was out of town, as usual – but this time he did not get a full weekend at home.  He was here for just over 24 hours, so our finish work will be happening after the Thursday deadline.  Sigh.  We were really hoping to make that 6 week deadline, but if it only takes us a few additional days to complete….I think I will call it a win.

Thanks for following along everyone!

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