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I went in to a few gift shops in my small town and found the most gorgeous trees on display for Christmas and I had to get some stuff to recreate them at my house.

For those of you that cannot come and visit my town, I have rounded up a few things that you could pick up if you are as inspired as I am from these trees.

**I asked if I could have this whole thing wrapped up and delivered to my house   hahahahaha 

So Pretty.

White Decorations

More White Decorations

Fuzzy Tree Rug

Christmas Ornaments (baby blue)

White poinsettia Christmas tree ornaments

In previous years – my Christmas displays have been over the top, minimalist and all the places in between.


the happy crazy house christmas


Christmas Decor - the happy crazy house


over done Christmas - the happy crazy house

Whew – 2014 was a doozy.  Christmas pretty much on every surface.

Let’s see how Christmas turns out in our new house.  Here are some in progress tree decorating pics… can see Clementine and Thorin under the tree, staring at all the shiny temptations.

the happy crazy house christmas

**side note:  I have narrowed down my couch fabric to one of the 2 swatches on my coffee table.

the happy crazy house christmas

Taking a break from decorating and just enjoying the view.


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