The Happy Crazy House

remodeling and other family adventures

Our Never Ending List changed drastically as soon as we purchased our home and the cabin.  With all of those changes, I am super happy with what we accomplished this year.

We purchased our home in March and started working on it immediately.  Our first order of business was gutting the bathroom,  repairing/replacing the drywall in the whole house, and refinishing the floors.

the happy crazy house bathroom

We finished enough of the main floor, so that by July we were able to move in. Yeah!!!!

the happy crazy house bedroom teal gallery wall


A temp couch for our living room.

the happy crazy house living room teal couch purple rug

In the fall I took the plunge and decided to be a guest participant with the One Room Challenge.  Ack!  We made it though and finished the girls attic bedroom.

Attic Bedroom – One Room Challenge

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

For those of you that don’t know- Dave travels for work and we had to fit in our work days around his schedule….so our 6 week Challenge was completed in 6 weeks but done in 8 work days!  WOW.

We even made time for some smaller projects….like this magnetic wall for our mugs.

the happy crazy house kitchen with magnetic mug holder

on both sides

the happy crazy house magnetic mug holder

Built ins for the living room

the happy crazy house built in shelving

Of course – not many of these are 100% completed.  lol!  But I will just add those to my 2019 Never Ending List.

Lastly – we started our addition.  Yup – Addition.  That is going to be all 2019.  Can’t wait to get that done!  (pic from us taking out the stairs)

the happy crazy house

Well – that’s where we are with the house.  A lot done in a small amount of time, but I am so happy to be living in our house.


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