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It’s that time! We are diving into the girls closet for this
One Room Challenge™. For the Fall 2018 ORC we focused on the ‘bedroom’ portion of the attic. Reason: time and desire to get the girls into their own space. Dave’s work schedule has always made home improvement a challenge for us, so we had to delay the closet and the bathroom. Once again we are up against a difficult schedule, so we are focusing on the closet for now.

As a reminder here is where we started: Scary phone photo of the stairs leading up.  I did not even see this space until after we bought the house.

ALLLLLLL the stuff the previous owner left behind.

The upstairs will house Jules (13) and Jane (8).  The girls will be sharing ~700 sq ft with their own bathroom.  I dropped some info into a room builder to play with layouts and I will start with this:

The bedroom side of the attic is complete and looks like this:

This chunk here is what we will be starting with. Thanks for following along!

You can check out all the other guest participants on the ORC website.
New posts go up every Thursday for 6 weeks.


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