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More work to share- the top storage for all our in season sports has been completed. A few more slats for the ceiling and this whole side of the room can be called βœ….

Our home is a 1930’s Cape and storage is at a premium- anything we can do to stretch every inch.

A pretty dark look up at stairs – but you can see Dave up there busy caulking away. You can even make out some of the texture that exploded all over πŸ˜‚

Below is the ultra elaborate freehand drawing that I did of how I wanted the wood closet to look.

And you can probably tell that it is supposed to be this πŸ‘‡πŸΌ wall unit. Right? You can’t even tell the difference. Hahahahahahaha. The top of the unit will butt up against the start of our slanted ceiling- this will give the clothing storage area the most height possible but also give some countertop space.

Let’s give a Heck Yeah! for getting to point where the fun stuff is finally happening.

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One thought on “One Room Challenge: Week 3 Attic Closet

  1. Attics…you either love em or hate em! I think you will end up loving yours.

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